Philip Aitkens Historic Buildings Consultant



About Myself:

England may have more cultural history in its towns and countryside than any other nation. We are unwilling to destroy our past and start again – we would rather build upon what we have. As a result we have hundreds of thousands of historic buildings, many of them protected by law. My passion is to help understand and conserve them.

I began my Historic Buildings Consultancy in 1988, giving advice to owners of all kinds of historic buildings. I was trained at Whitworth and Hall (now Whitworth Co-partnership, Architects) in the 1970s, where I gained a specialist knowledge of the conservation of buildings. Later I examined thousands of buildings in Suffolk for English Heritage, selecting the best examples for Listing protection.

Here is a list of some of the types of buildings in which I have developed special expertise:
· Farmhouses and gentry houses
· Farmstead buildings, especially barns.
· Town houses.
· Shops and restaurants located in historic buildings.
· Historic parks and gardens and their buildings – glasshouses, bothies, gateways, stables and follies.
· Medieval timber-framed houses, shops and public buildings.

Owners of these buildings and their architects come to me for advice in negotiating with Planning and Conservation Officers. The way that they respond to proposals is constantly evolving. After initial contact they will generally ask for a Heritage Statement about the building. They may also require a programme of recording and analysis. These are the mainstay of my practice.









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